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Music video babe Rachel Barnes strips down to her skivvies

03.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

We'll Just have to look past the fact that this ridiculously hot brunette, Rachel Barnes, was probably willing to fulfill Justin Bieber's every deviant desire; you know that deal was sealed the second she signed on to do his lame ass music video. That aside, she did a photo shoot for Soleil Blue's 2016 collection of unmentionables, and holy shit – where the hell has she been hiding? The sight of this caramel skined 34-year-old parading around in a variety of lacy undergarments is powerful. It must be nice, being a world-famous douche and are still capable of pulling females like this. To be clear: I don't know if they ever truly were a thing and I don't care enough to find out – chalk it up to most likely. But enough about her adventures with a man child, get to the reason you're really here, to see beauty in its purest form

Source: Soleil Blue


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