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Much of Kendall Jenner on display while out with her model buddies

06.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

There are plenty of hotties featured around the web who play the attention game – it's why they're featured and that's the only real reason many of them are even remotely famous. Charlotte McKinney, Bella Thorne (before you call bullshit on that one; has she proven herself to possess any other talent than looking sexy as f**k?), and Emily Ratajkowski, just to name a few. And there's nothing wrong with that; quite the contrary, it's a spectator sport many of us enjoy engaging in – everybody knows this. So, I'm slightly confused as to why Kendall Jenner here gets singled out for the verbal rod and lash. She's really hot, hotter than some celebrity babes, and she plays the attention game well. Damn right if she hangs out with her model buddies with those perky and pierced tits of hers showing I'm gonna look. I find the thought of a heterosexual male (or homosexual female) refusing a bit of the old in-out, in-out with a hot-bodied, raven haired beauty like her – just because she's related to a celebrity Dynasty like the Kardashians – ridiculous. "I can't give you a good rodgering because of your family ties." – said no one, ever.

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