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MovieHotties photo shoot takes to the stars with Fernanda Romero!

05.29.2015by: Paul Shirey

Mexican born actress Fernanda Romero has a lot going on; actress, singer, model, entrepreneur, and all around cool chick. You may recognize her from THE EYE, DRAG ME TO HELL, GHOST TEAM ONE, heard her tunes from her band The White Cherries, seen her in music videos from Jeremy Carr and Larry Hernandez, or perhaps you've spotted some of her smokin' hot pictures from various magazines and promotions, including Esquire, Cosmo, InStyle and more. We even chatted with Fernanda a while back for our Hottie Stop feature (read her interview here). Either way, Fernanda is definitely making the rounds and showing that she's an exceptionally talented and beautiful actress/model/singer...everything!

So, we approached Fernanda about a MovieHotties photo shoot (check out our 3 previous photo shoots here) and one of her ideas was to do a Barbarella-esque sci-fi shoot, which we thought sounded awesome. Armed with a camera, lights, make-up, some sexy sci-fi outfits (and weaponry!), and some "far out" landscapes, we captured the beauty, mystery, and sexiness that only Fernanda could bring to such a celestial shoot. We're pleased to share Fernanda's "pretty pretty" pics and behind-the-scenes video with you and hope they take you to another world. Enjoy!

Get more of Fernanda by following her on Twitter, Instagram, or on her official website!

Photographer: Jonathan Meiners,
Stylist: Jennifer Puzzanchera
Wardrobe: Polkadots & Moonbeams, Los Angeles
Hair/MUA: Christina Asai,


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