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MovieHotties Awards 2011 - Part 4

12.30.2011by: Seth Gecko

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Well it's been another year everybody and I honestly can't ever remember so many events taking place in such a small window of time like it has in 2011. The year of tsunami's, riots, earthquakes, overthrown governments and phone hackers leading to two of the biggest actresses in Hollywood exposing more than they cared too. Out of all these events though, the latter is definitely what we love talking about here on as Cherry Liquor, Droz, Mr. Pink, Randy the Ram and yours truly have all worked out collective asses off for the past 365 days to bring you all the yummiest (and sometimes vomit-inducing) scoops possible. Unlike other celebrity news sites, we like to stick with "relevant" ladies which does not include the mentally-challenged like the Kardashians and so forth. Whether it's premieres, film festivals, nude photos, hottie clips, sexy lists or anything else worth seeing, we're always on top of it.

For those who have known the site long enough, you'll definitely be happy to know it's that time of the year again as the awards ceremony I kicked off five years ago has officially arrived for 2011. The 5th Annual MovieHotties Awards has now commenced and I'll be sharing all our award winners with you guys throughout the course of this week before the New Year. For those of you out there that are new to the site or not aware, I've created a huge number of "Best of" categories such as "Sexiest Movie Poster" or Best Tits Shot of the Year" and a special actress/celebrity and runner-up will be awarded in each of these categories. So stay tuned for further updates soon as the awards show begins now!

I'm definitely understating when I say that 2011 is full of amazing performances from both male and female actors so this particular category was a bitch to choose. However despite all the love for Charlize Theron, Carey Mulligan and many more, my love and choice for the win goes to the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Olsen. This third sister of the famed Olsen twins (who I can't stand) has successfully emerged from the shadow of her siblings and given one of the most emotionally overpowering performances of the year. Not only that but award ceremonies around the world have also recognized her acting achievements and I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of her soon. Great work Liz, make your sisters suffer!

Runner-Up: Carey Mulligan - "SHAME"

This is a new category for the MovieHotties awards as there's been so many teasing performances this year that it almost beats them doing full-blown nudity. And as much as I haven't been able to stand her in the past, I do think Jennifer Aniston really broke out this year in the role of the dirty-mouth sex maniac in HORRIBLE BOSSES. There isn't a guy in the world who wouldn't kill to have their girlfriend/wife talk and act like Aniston does in this flick and the teasing is almost unbearable. This role further proves the power that beautiful women have over men and I still can't buy that Charlie Day's character could possibly resist her no matter how kinky or forward she got in the movie. Resistance is futile my friend!

Runner-Up: Mila Kunis - "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS"

You might wonder why I gave this award to Emma this year but my choice goes back all the way to Comic-Con in San Diego where I watched Emma on-stage at Hall-H. She was there to talk about THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and she was so incredibly nerdy and geeky about the Spider-Man universe and her role that I was convinced she absolutely knew what she was talking about. She loves comics, games and everything in between that us other nerds enjoy so I think the choice is justified.

Runner-Up: Olivia Wilde

Wait didn't Liz just win an award for 2011 already? Yup she did because on top of giving one of the best performances of the year, she's also incredibly HOT as you can probably guess from the photo above. I've always found the other Olsen twins very creepy in terms of looks and it's not a kid thing cause I fucking hated FULL HOUSE as a kid and never watched it. They're just genuinely creepy to me but Elizabeth is a walking talking goddess that I can't wait to see more of next year. Call me Liz!

Runner-Up: Hayley Atwell

I think this choice requires very little explanation. Lindsay has without a doubt destroyed her career in the past year or so by dropping out of films she was signed to, evading her public service duties as part of her probation and finally taking the biggest plunge by posing for Playboy. Sure the magazine was a big hit but I think it was the final nail in the coffin for her career as I doubt anyone would every want to work with her as an actress ever again. The only way I figure she could ever recover is to serve her community hours with dignity, disappear for a few years, clean up her act and return in force. If Robert Downey Jr. can do it, so can she.

This choice goes back to a week or so ago when we released the 1st Annual Top 25 Movie Hotties of 2011 and we chose Olivia Wilde as the big winner. It's no different this time around as Olivia has had a hell of a year with a couple blockbuster films, leaving a hit series TV show, massive headlines in the press, hot photo-shoots and so much more.

Runner-Up: Natalie Portman

You guys might find this choice a bit odd but after starring in two great films this year plus maintaining an incredible sex appeal for the last 20 plus years, I think there's no one more deserving than Jennifer. For those who saw SALVATION BOULEVARD this year, you'll know that Jennifer was smokin' hot and really gave a great performance despite the film receiving very little press at all which I think needs to be rectified (funnier than HANGOVER 2 in my opinion). Then of course we dive into Jennifer's past films where she stunned us with wonderful performances and lets not forget the huge amounts of legendary nudity as well. Ms. Connelly has done it all and I hope she never slows down. Congrats on your win Jennifer!

Extra Tidbit: And so concludes this year's awards, thanks for a great year everybody!


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