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MovieHotties Awards 2011 - Part 3

12.29.2011by: Seth Gecko

Well it's been another year everybody and I honestly can't ever remember so many events taking place in such a small window of time like it has in 2011. The year of tsunami's, riots, earthquakes, overthrown governments and phone hackers leading to two of the biggest actresses in Hollywood exposing more than they cared too. Out of all these events though, the latter is definitely what we love talking about here on as Cherry Liquor, Droz, Mr. Pink, Randy the Ram and yours truly have all worked out collective asses off for the past 365 days to bring you all the yummiest (and sometimes vomit-inducing) scoops possible. Unlike other celebrity news sites, we like to stick with "relevant" ladies which does not include the mentally-challenged like the Kardashians and so forth. Whether it's premieres, film festivals, nude photos, hottie clips, sexy lists or anything else worth seeing, we're always on top of it.

For those who have known the site long enough, you'll definitely be happy to know it's that time of the year again as the awards ceremony I kicked off five years ago has officially arrived for 2011. The 5th Annual MovieHotties Awards has now commenced and I'll be sharing all our award winners with you guys throughout the course of this week before the New Year. For those of you out there that are new to the site or not aware, I've created a huge number of "Best of" categories such as "Sexiest Movie Poster" or Best Tits Shot of the Year" and a special actress/celebrity and runner-up will be awarded in each of these categories. So stay tuned for further updates soon as the awards show begins now!

For all those who say MI:4 in an IMAX theatre, you know you loved almost being smothered by a 70 foot tall projection of Paula's cleavage didn't ya? I know I certainly did and that very role has placed Paula amongst the top movie babes of 2011 and rightfully so as she was one of the coolest and sexiest spies ever conceived and we can't thank director Brad Bird enough for the bountiful gift that is Paula in a hot green dress. Paula not only looks amazing in it but also manages to kick some real ass, get caught up in some great and intense spy scenes and really shows off some great acting ability that we all knew she had in her. Robin lucky dog!

Runner-Up: Rose Byrne - "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS"

Sounds like we have two wins in a row for Kristen Wiig as she took home the award for the exact same category last year for her hilarious sex scene in MACGRUBER. This year was no exception as she had another very funny and creative sex scene with funny guy Jon Hamm while looking amazingly hot in various bras and such. Kristen is an extremely attractive to me so when you add the looks plus the comedy of this pretty realistic sex scene, baby you've got a stew going.

Runner-Up: Various Sex Scenes - "SHAME"

I actually forgot all about this until I did a recap for the year and we all love the sex tape rumours for celebrities, even if we can't stand that particular person *cough* Kardashian! *cough*. One that was pretty rough for this year was back in August when it was believed that singing seductress Rihanna had a sex tape that was released and some company even tried to prove it with the photo above which was reportedly fake in the end or from somewhere else.

This is a new category this year as the level of nudity and sex on television has quadrupled over the past couple of years and we sure as hell are not complaining. From TRUE BLOOD to SPARTACUS, the boobs are aplenty! Two standouts come to mind though for 2011 and I wasn't able to choose a winner as both are fantastic so it lead to an overall tie between the two. Both Emmy Rossum and Kathleen Robertson showed off an awful lot of skin during the run of their shows this year and we enjoyed everything second of it no matter how perverted it might sound. I just wish that Deborah Ann Woll from TRUE BLOOD would stop teasing us and show off the girls just once. Keep it going ladies!

Runner-Up: Deborah Ann Woll - TRUE BLOOD

At first I wanted to choose Rose Byrne to win this category for INSIDIOUS but then I thought to myself that this year belongs to the super-hot blonde babes of horror movies. Since that's the case then there's no actress more deserving than the lovely Katrina Bowden who shows off her ass from so many brilliant angles in a very funny and underrated horror flick that everyone should see. I mean look at that photo above and tell me she's not a winner, I dare you. Shake it Katrina!

Runner-Up: Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell - "SCREAM 4"

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Emma doesn't deserve this title? Despite what you may think of her current hair style (it drives me wild unlike most), Emma has grown in the past year or so to become one of the most wanted women in the world. She's now the face of several designer make-up and fashion lines and every other week you hear about a new role she's been offered in someone's film down the line. I honestly think she's a perfect 10 from head-to-toe which certainly helps and she's also shown some great acting chops, especially in the last HARRY POTTER and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN. This has most definitely been the year of Watson and I have a feeling that she'll only get bigger from here.

Runner-Up: Hayley Atwell

Most of you are probably thinking that she was in PUSS IN BOOTS, how could she possibly be missed? Well that's really all she did in 2011 which I'm guessing is because of her "rich husband" issues and being a mom as well. The reason we miss her the most is because she's only getting hotter with age, her boobs seems to be getting bigger with each passing year and we most certainly love seeing her on the big sceen for real and not just animated. Here's hoping she makes a boobilicous return in 2012.

Runner-Up: Angelina Jolie

Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned for the fourth and final part tomorrow!



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12:19AM on 12/30/2011
Great job once again!
Although I think Hayley Atwell might be most desired of the year.
Great job once again!
Although I think Hayley Atwell might be most desired of the year.
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8:34PM on 12/29/2011
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