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MovieHotties Awards 2010 - Part 4/4

01.07.2011by: Seth Gecko

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Holy crap has it been an awesome year both for hotties and movies alike. Myself and the staff here at have worked our collective asses off this year to bring you guys only the best in juicy actress/celebrity photos, videos and whatever the hell else we could get our perverted hands on along the way. The writers and I have always prided ourselves for acknowledging actresses in the world that no other new site would ever talk about and for always having a great comedic edge to every story we write that all of you readers out there can enjoy. All this combined along with plenty of hot stories, sizzling media, sexy site upgrades and more has made 2010 our best year to-date and it's only going to get better from this point on.

And as many of our long-time fans know already when Christmas rolls around, our special awards season is just over the horizon. So as per tradition here at the site, I would like to bring you all a very special treat for the holidays as we celebrate the 4th Annual MovieHotties Awards which begins now. From now until into the new year, I'll be presenting awards to actresses/celebrities for various awesome categories that you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's an award for Hottest Villain of the Year or Best Tits Shot of the Year, we've got everything covered and the number of categories just keeps on growing. So stay tuned for the latest updates as they arrive and enjoy!

I honestly believe that if I had chosen anyone else for this category that my testicles would be hanging from someone's rear-view mirror by the end of the weekend. Without question, this honour must go to Natalie for giving not only her best performance since...well...her last film I guess cause goddamn that girl puts everything she has into a character (i.e. CLOSER). Her role as the haunted ballerina in BLACK SWAN is one of the darkest and most disturbing things I've ever seen on the big-screen and Natalie accomplished it with ease. There have been many stellar performances this year but Natalie's will take her to Oscar gold in wait and watch.

Runner-Up: Amy Adams - "THE FIGHTER"

Some may say that Liz's career truly died the day she decided to do the legendary SHOWGIRLS film but even after that steaming pile of dog-shit, she still managed to get roles here and there in both films and TV. However at this point, her classic swimming pool epileptic sex scene has finally caught up to her as she's no longer really spoken of in the entertainment community and she appears to have no work to look forward to in the near future. Perhaps one day she'll make a comeback but it won't be anytime soon in this reporter's opinion. On behalf of the MovieHotties staff, I salute you Liz and report your career as missing in action. Rest In Peace.

Runner-Up: Alison Lohman

Oh man do I struggle with this category year after year. There are so many unannounced hot nerds in the celebrity world which makes it a difficult category to choose can we can only assume how "nerdy" these girls really are. For 2010 though, I can't look past a woman who in my opinion is one of the hottest specimens walking upright on this planet and also one of the nerdiest with her own comic series, being able to fluently speak Klingon and just an overall appreciation for the nerd community. Rosario, you're my warrior woman and if we ever have sex one day (fingers crossed), I hope you wear thick-rimmed glasses while we're going at it.

Runner-Up: Olivia Munn

Boy oh boy have there been a shit-load of amazing nude scenes this year but I would absolutely have to go out and buy a shiny red helmet for myself if I didn't acknowledge that both Kelly Brook and Riley Steele delivered what is essentially every man's (and some women) greatest fantasy which is two stunning chicks swimming naked together while kiss and caressing with classic opera playing in the background. I didn't get a chance to see this scene in 3D but I think if I had my brain would have imploded in on itself or I would have toppled over the row in front of me while reaching for the big boobies. This award goes to you girls and you deserve every bit of it and more.

Runner-Up: Anne Hathaway Topless - "LOVE & OTHER DRUGS"

No "up-and-coming" actress in all of 2010 has quite left me as intoxicated as the beautiful Beau Garrett for her role in TRON: LEGACY and she played the role so perfectly that I think she's got some great talent and deserves more spotlight. Could you imagine being converted into a computer program and then meeting up with another stunning program like her where anything goes? She looks like she would destroy me in the sack which makes her even hotter in my eyes. So of all the newcomer babes this year, Beau gets my vote and I hope to see her in a brighter role sometime soon. To see a clip of Beau in TRON: LEGACY, check out the video below.

Runner-Up: Delphine Chanéac

This is the category that I know many would question as everyone has their own opinion as to who ruled the year. As much as I'd love to give it to Portman or Watson, I'd say that Mila deserves it over everyone for the fact that she's hotter than hell, has had no less than 4 successful films in which she gave great performances (especially in BOOK OF ELI and BLACK SWAN). She also has a demanding TV schedule with FAMILY GUY and just a whole whack of other projects. So with all her massive success in 2010, the fact that she's every man's desire and that she wised up and dumped Culkin officially makes her my choice as the hottie of the year. Keep it up Mila and like I said to Natalie in an earlier part of the awards, don't fall into the "romantic comedy" trap. As a special treat, enjoy the high-quality Esquire photo-shoot video of her below from earlier in the year.

Runner-Up: Emma Watson

In all my years as a sexually-charged young man, I've always loved older women and very few of them have excited as much as Helen Mirren does each and every time I think of her. It's been proven at this point that age will never catch up with Helen's looks and personality and she remains a firecracker in both aspects. On top of being an absolutely brilliant performer, Helen has always had this special aura around her that just screams sexy. What was special about 2010 however was that she took on a very different role in the action film RED where she played a retired assassin who must take on the agency that she worked for in order to survive. I think many of you will agree that watching Helen operate a chain gun in a skin-tight cocktail dress is probably one of the hottest things ever printed on film.

Helen has lived an amazing life filled with brilliant performances and jaw-dropping photo-shoots that could make any creature's heart skip a beat. She continues to steam up the big-screen and I hope she never stops for as long as she keeps working. On behalf of the entire staff at, we wish to thank Helen for everything she's given to her audience and we hope to see her shining bright for many more years to come. And always remember, Megan Fox has nothing on you.


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