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Movie Premiere: Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis make us sweat at the premiere of BLACK SWAN

12.01.2010by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifIt's finally here folks. After all the hype, the lesbian scene rumors, the raving reviews, the Oscar talk, the lesbian scene rumors (I had to say it twice so bite me) and everything else...BLACK SWAN is finally arriving in theatres. Unfortunately for sad Canadians such as myself, the movie is so goddamn limited that I may not get a chance to see it on the big-screen (unless I drive for 2 hours). Darren Aronofsky's latest masterpiece is looking to turn quite a few heads and I can honestly say that I don't think the leading lady Natalie Portman has ever been so popular right now. This woman remains on top of the world and from what I'm hearing, she'll be adding Oscar gold to her home decor much sooner than many might think. How can a woman be this busy/talented and still be so sexy? Natalie has certainly figured it out.

Last night (even though there's been a billion screenings) the official premiere took place in the Big Apple and everyone was attending including Natalie and the other object of my affection, Mila Kunis. Both ladies looked ravishing even though I think Natalie didn't need such a bright shade of lipstick as it doesn't suit her. However I am a man so I will not critique and just say that on behalf of all other real heterosexual men, I'd happily bang both of them at the same time. Also in attendance were the lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui and Winona Ryder (who I wish would have worn a busty dress for the premiere but one can still dream). So check out the stunning shots below and look for the film in select cinemas starting today.


Extra Tidbit: That's right Natalie and Winona...get closer...that's it.


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