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Move over McKinney, Elizabeth Turner is the next top natural breasted babe

12.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Well, hello there! How the hell did we manage to get nearly all the way through 2016 and not discover one of the latest Guess? models, Elizabeth Stark? While this random shoot with photographer Collin Stark isn't the best I've seen since stumbling upon her last night (those awkward faces she's making needed much better direction), that natural chest of hers is a show stopper. With other naturally well-endowed models getting more and more work these days, from Kate Upton to Emily Ratajkowski & Turner's closest hot blonde competition, Charlotte McKinney, I'm going to guess (har har) that we'll be posting a lot more about Elizabeth in the upcoming year. Now that she's on my radar, I'm going to specifically seek her out. While many dudes have this aversion to breasts that have any natural hang (droop, whatever you feel like labeling it) to them, I really dig being able to see that a woman affected by the organic pull of gravity. Cleavage isn't really cleavage if it looks like two balloons fighting to pop out of a grocery bag. Give me that softness, that curve, that - yes - droop. Because it shows the one thing that we have to use our imaginations for - how pliable and lovely they would feel to touch.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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