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Morena Baccarin was both a DC and Marvel hottie goodness at Comic-Con

07.25.2016by: Droz

It's kind of interesting how Morena Baccarin continues to be one of the few crossover hotties representing popular DC and Marvel productions in 2016. Morena just happened to be talking about her show Gotham at this years SDCC, which of course is the origin story about various characters in the Batman saga. Yet I'm sure she was turning just as many Marvel fan heads as she made her way through the San Diego Convention Center, thanks to her now legendary turn as Vanessa in DEADPOOL. Personally, I'm all about the latter role. And no, not because of the strapon scene. Although months after seeing that movie, I'm still perplexed by that one rather uncomfortable-looking moment. It presents a Morena fan like myself with a dilemma. If you had a nude Morena all strapped up and ready to go, what would you do? I mean, it's Morena. Yes, that's not exactly the sexual encounter most of her fans dream of. Still, how can you reject any chance to get with her? It's one of those moments you can't possibly predict on until you're in it, which is made even more complicated when you ask yourself if you'd even want to be in that moment.

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