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Morena Baccarin shows off some of her new mommy curves

07.20.2016by: Droz

Morena Baccarin has spent the last few months basking in her new mommy lifestyle. As good as that is for her, the inevitable call of the famous hottie lifestyle and career calls. Thus her appearance at this event in her sexy purple number. Looks like she's still working on taking off her baby weight - not that it matters. I'm sure she'll have all that taken care of by the next DEADPOOL movie. Even with a little pudge, this is still Morena and she's a goddess. Nothing is gonna hurt that. I'm just happy to see everyone else coming around to the inherent goodness of Morena we Browncoats have known about for well over a decade now. DEADPOOL did wonders for pretty much everyone involved with it. Quite a magic touch that movie has. Even months into the summer movie season, I have yet to experience a better time at the movies than I did with the titular immortal potty mouth. I got my fingers crossed for SUICIDE SQUAD to redeem summer 2016 there. Otherwise, summer is going to be something of a fizzle for me.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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