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Morena Baccarin sexes up December's GQ Mexico in her own special way

12.05.2016by: Droz

One of my favorite things about Morena Baccarin is her ability to surprise me. She's done so many things over the years to totally knock my socks off. It started the first time she showed her face on Firefly and totally took by breath away with her beauty. And now all these years later, she's still going strong with the surprises. I mean, who thought they'd ever see Morena pegging a guy in a movie? I didn't. That shit happened this year. Not that such things are for me, but it still qualified as a surprise. Now here she is again, 10 months after DEADPOOL kicked ass at the box office, totally surprising us again with a sexy spread in the new edition of GQ Mexico. Clearly Mexicans need to see the serious skin to get them to pick up a magazine. Which may be why they always seem to get the best spreads in magazines like these. That's just fine by me, as I'm happy to see a little more Morena before the year is out. But then just like pie, any time is a good time for Morena.

Source: GQ


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