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05.27.2009by: Cherry Liquor

That virgin until her wedding night I guess took. I'm getting a little choked up reading the news that Adriana Lima, one of the best looking and most well known models in the business is expecting a baby later this winter. She and her NBA husband, Marko Jaric, eloped and got married in February earlier this year, so either he broke the Me a little too soon and needed the shotgun or the man's sperm dribbled all the way up the proper channels and did the world a complete disservice. See, I don't care if I hold the unpopular opinion that there are some people out there in the world who shouldn't breed. Supermodels, as beautiful as they are, should always look that way and never be sullied. Besides, not to try and pull a Perez or anything, but look at Christy and Billy's girl. Daddy's looks and talent. Do we really need Lima squeezing out another basketball player?
Source: People
Tags: Adriana Lima


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