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More of Victoria Justice shaking her ass, because that never gets old

08.21.2013by: Droz

Normally I tend to get annoyed at people who go around filming everything or snapping pictures with their cellphones. Is your Denny's omelet really so interesting that you've got to capture it for posterity? Gonna share that pic with your grand kids as you tell them about that shitty meal you had at 2 am back in 2013? Yeah, right. However, in this case I'm ever so grateful for these ingenious devices and how they can so easily be used to capture Victoria Justice and her hot ass road show making with the sexy once again, this time in Nashville. Someone linked me to this Imgur album of dads at One Direciton concerts, clearly not having the best time. I'm sure dads at Victoria's concerts are much more entertained. They just gotta do their best to hide that stiffy Victoria gives them from little Sally and her friends.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope Vicky got permission to use that THX sound clip. Otherwise, she might be shaking her ass for some Disney lawyers.
Source: HollywoodTuna


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