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More of Sara Jean Underwood's random acts of hotness

02.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

The few things which tie together a Sara Jean Underwood photo dump are (1) Sara Jean Underwood (2) a lot of bare ass and boobs and (3) nature; using an earthly backdrop in a variety of different locales to break up the monotony of one ass-popping pic after another. You would think after reaching the 10,000th variation of a Sara Jean underboob image, fatigue would begin to set in – you'd be wrong. No matter how random the act – one moment she's looking deep into a pony's eyes; in another moment her right tit is falling out of her overalls, and in the next, she's bending over backwards on a secluded beach – Sara Jean Underwood has a way of leaving fans of hot female bodies wanting more. This "get half naked and go do shit in front of the camera" approach has been working out for both Sara and her fans alike. And while the only connecting tissue from one shot to another is mother Earth and Sara's gift for exploitation, the desired effect (to tantalize) is always achieved, a testament to Ms. Underwood's enduring sex appeal.

Source: Instagram


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