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More of Rita Ora's ongoing attempt at internet dominance

02.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's no way Rita Ora will top her epic Lui photoshoot any time soon. That kind of nude masterpiece comes along once in a blue moon. However, it's not swaying her from saturating the web with all things Rita, quickly releasing even more photoshoots. I still have yet to make it trough one of her songs, but I am officially obsessed with this bit of human Viagra. She's one of the hottest sex symbols working today; it's so refreshing when the subject in question knows it, and fully embraces it. Even with this much tamer photo spread for L’Officiel RU Magazine (never heard of them either), she gets her sexuality across. Either she's mastered that ability or it's a natural gift, impossible to just turn off. We get some nice shots of her midriff in a bra-top and even a peek at her ass cheek; two staples of a Rita Ora shoot... boobs and butt. It's important Ms. Ora proceeds with caution - there's a thin line between sex symbol and skeeze. I can think of more than a few pop stars who've dove head first into the latter. So far, Rita Ora's done a magnificent job of walking that line.

Source: Got Celeb


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