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More of Bella Thorne's calculated fashion choices

01.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

I'm pretty shitty at math, but, even a thick f*#k like myself can understand Bella Thorne's simplistic fashion equation without the aid of a calculator or counting on my finger tips. 40% tits + 67% legs + bare midriff + 1 tight, white skirt + bra top + 8 social media posts = all the attention she so obviously desires. Like anything mathematical, it's true because it works; my eyelids stayed peeled throughout the entire time it took to shuffle through this candid set of pics. I love a women that can turn one night of partying into the visual event of the week. She's so goddamn, ridiculously hot, my usual contempt for such shameless cries for notoriety evaporated – what a body; what a beautiful head of red hair; what the hell are you still reading for? Get clicking.

Source: Got Celeb


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