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More Megan Fox lingerie pics found floating around

03.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

If ever a photo shoot was in need of outtakes and/or additional images, it's Megan Fox's collaboration with Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie (original). It's not often you see this raven-haired MILF take such pride in her work she posts the sexy results on her social media pages – believe me, I check. So many times I've headed over to her Instagram account in hopes of finding some images meant to tantalize, only to be disappointed. Not this time; one shot of Megan wearing a black leather corset, black leather boots and sticking her half naked ass out more than makes up for long stretches without provocative content. It begs the question: Why hasn't Megan been doing this shit for years? The woman was born to wear lingerie and she could be getting paid above top dollar for her services. I hope the people at Frederick's realize an advantage when they see one; it's time to double down. They need to do whatever it takes, pay whatever it takes, to keep Megan Fox pushing their product and watch the money roll in.

Digging a little deeper: I learned Megan Fox is Frederick's of Hollywood brand ambassador, stackeholder and creative partner. Oh damn! This is just the beginning.

Source: Instagram


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