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More leaks from Alexandra Daddario's highly anticipated GQ spread

03.29.2017by: No Cool Handle

Alexandra Daddario is not of this world. She was sent here by a more advanced, and significantly sexier, civilization; one where the human race has mastered the art of crafting the perfect woman. No longer leaving anything to chance, genetic imperfections are removed from embryos just before the developmental stages advance, giving way to one of the finest creations in the known universe. How she wound up on our lonely rock is anybody's guess, and her actual purpose has yet to be revealed, but Alexandra's ability to send surges to every nerve ending in the human body may indicate she's the ultimate power source we've long been searching for – greater than the sun, even. I know you'll get a charge out of these latest images from her upcoming GQ Mexico spread. All there is to do now is sit back and wait for the entire high-resolution collection to turn up. Maybe she'll let something slip in the accompanying interview that will clue us in to her true origin.

Source: GQ Mexico


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