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More Kelly Brook bikini moments accompany some sad/happy Kelly news

02.04.2013by: Droz

This latest batch of pictures of Kelly Brook in Miami finally give us some insight as to what she's doing over here, namely to take some pictures of her in bikinis, which she's already done, as we've seen. Only these are the official kind for her New Look lingerie and bikini line. Not that it really matters. Official, not official - as long as they're in focus, it's all good. Speaking of other things that are official, Kelly has just recently announced via her Twitter that she and her long time boyfriend have called it quits. Which means that Kelly is not only back in the states, but also single. So there's probably a feeding frenzy of Miami guys all descending down on wherever Kelly is staying right now, looking to engage her in some wicked hot rebound sex. Man, too bad I'm on the other side of the country and completely out of her league and involved with someone and suffering from pretty much every other drawback that would keep me at the very back of the line of men waiting to take a shot at Kelly. Otherwise, I'd totally be hitting that tonight.


Extra Tidbit: On a side note, ya'll need to relax with the Face Off career category. Finding Kelly's consistently fantastic work as a model more interesting than Gemma's rather hohum movies is a legitimate stance. You can disagree, but it's silly to say that one can't have a preference for the content they produce simply because they do different things. I like looking at Kelly's still images more than a lot of Gemma's moving images. What's the problem?
Source: Superior Pics


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