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More hotties should make a new year's resolution to be like Iskra Lawrence

12.21.2016by: Droz

Self magazine has decided to make thick English hottie Iskra Lawrence their cover model for the very last print version of their magazine, wherein they ask the curvaceous Brit model to offer some new year's resolution workout tips. That's a fine choice. A lot of people would assume women with as much bounce to the ounce as Iskra only sit around eating ice cream all day and therefore have nothing to offer in terms of fitness tips. If Iskra wanted to turn into Mama June, that would be the way to go. The thing with Iskra and those like her is that nothing short of starving themselves will ever get rid of those ample thighs. They're just made this way. Many in that state choose to lament their genetics, but Iskra embraces her curves. I'd very much like to embrace them as well. If not that, I'd settle for watching her work out like she does below. That's gotta be quite a sight, watching her jiggling around in tight workout shit. What a blissful thought. It's almost as blissful as a world with lots more Iskra's running around. Sounds like a nice place to me.

Iskra Lawrence Covered Nude

Source: Self


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