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More boobs from Charlotte McKinney's own personal swimsuit issue

02.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

Little doubt remains, Charlotte McKinney is using her latest stretch of vacation time to exact some measure of revenge, showing up on Miami Beach in a third boob accentuating swimsuit, her little romps easily distracting from the bounty of boobs just released in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. After being snubbed for two consecutive years in a row, Charlotte McKinney is taking these matters into her own hands, substantiating her relevance and solidifying her status as one of the most popular busty blondes on the Internet. While wearing this particular number, those hefty handbags were barely able to be contained, and Ms. McKinney "accidentally" flashes some nipple while making some adjustments. I think it's safe to say this vindictive vixen has accomplished what she set out to do: make the folks over Sports Illustrated question their decision to leave her out of yet another swimsuit issue. We all get the point.

Source: nsfw


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