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07.07.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I'm very selective when it comes to profiling the occasional piece of man meat on this site. Christian Bale (in his Bat suit, natch) and Johnny Depp have been the only two that I've given direct focus on so far. Both, for you males who read my posts and are secure enough in your manhood, were worthy of mentioning. Now, while Ryan Gosling hasn't given some kid his hat & other goodies, nor is he starring in a highly anticipated summer flick, still is that brand of actor that you can respect and feel a little uncomfortably attracted to at the same time, right fellas? I hated THE NOTEBOOK and don't understand wtf women thought was so great about it, preferring to fall for Lars instead, but damn... have you seen his guns lately?
Extra Tidbit: Ryan recently wrapped ALL GOOD THINGS with Kirsten Dunst and is in pre-production to star in BLUE VALENTINE with Michelle Williams.
Source: DListed


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