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Montag's TF3 Audition

05.26.2010by: Randy the Ram

Here around the office we like to label our hotties, movie hotties of course, TV hotties, music hotties and a term I learned working here, moron hotties, a label that justifies their existence in No matter the controversies, the banality of their existence, a hottie is a hottie but while I personally try to avoid stories about these attention whores, sometimes it's too damn stupidly funny to pass up. Take Heidi Montag for example, she really REALLY wants to be in TRANSFORMERS 3. She recently posted a message on her twitter account that basically read "@michael_bay Check out this 1/2 minute video clip of me in combat training session today at ADE". The bitch means business! Will Michael Bay bite? Is she really that desperate to be in TF3? The possibility of Montag being in the movie just proves that things really can get worse. Who would've thought seeing Megan Fox wasn't that bad after all.






Extra Tidbit: I guess she at least showed some skills with the gun.
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