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Monica Bellucci strips for us and.....Robert De Niro?

06.15.2011by: Seth Gecko

Some of you out there might think that I would wait for a future "Hottie Clip of the Day" post to arrive where I would attach this video but quite frankly I wasn't prepared to wait that long. Being as Monica Bellucci is one of the finest specimens on the face of our small blue planet plus the fact that she's aging better than the finest bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, I thought I'd share this sexy little clip below with all of you from her latest Italian film "Manuale d'am3re" (the third film of this trilogy). The video itself features Monica giving instructions to Robert De Niro (yes the one and only Bobby D) to strip down as she does the same for the camera. I don't have to remind any of you how incredible Monica's body is or how divine her smile is and this video shows off both perfectly. So enjoy the clip and try not to gag watching De Niro make-out with her at the end.

Extra Tidbit:

De Niro's Agent: "Hey Bobby, have I got a job for you! You can spend several weeks in an beautiful and remote Italian village, get paid a bit of dough and get to watch Monica Bellucci strip down and have sex with you. Sound like a plan?"

De Niro: "Did you fuck my wife?"


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11:55AM on 06/16/2011
bellissima a little bit, -a little bit!
bellissima a little bit, -a little bit!
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