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Monica Bellucci proves she can still swim with the hottest hotties around

09.07.2016by: Droz

Relatively fresh off of her turn as a Bond girl in SPECTRE, Monica Bellucci continues in her quest to prove to the whole world she's still got the sexy in sufficient quantities for anyone's needs. I'm not prepared to argue with her assertions there - not after seeing her taking a skinny dip in someone's pool in the new Paris Match magazine. She's 52 this month, which is probably significantly older than most of us here. Still, I'm gonna go ahead and assume everyone here not Vincent Cassel totally would, had they the opportunity. Even Vince probably still does. He just needed a break. Constantly being compelled to bang Monica probably starts to mess with your health the older you get.

So what do ya'll think? Any holdouts about getting with Monica? Maybe if I show you what she used to look like, say 30 or so years ago?

Yeah, you're all down with her there. It would be a total impossibility for any guy to reject her there. Even if the brain said no, the body would just act on its own recognizance. It's a law of nature. Nothing that fine could ever be turned down.

Source: Paris Match


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