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Monica Bellucci is ravishing in a red dress with Roman ruins

02.19.2015by: Droz

I do hope that we get Bond's 25th outing in SPECTRE on time. Seems like filming on the movie has turned bad right away, which appears to be the trend with the production process in these Craig era Bond movies. Eventually something is going to crash or someone's going to get sliced up or otherwise damaged. Just recently Daniel messed up a knee and a second unit director almost got wasted by an out of control camera truck. Can't say I'm surprised these people are getting messed up. Daniel Craig is 46 and a bunch of the people behind the scenes have been making Bond movies since the early 80s. We're not dealing with spring chickens here. And if they're trying to outdo SKYFALL for daring do, which I'm sure they are, that may very well be pushing cast and crew well past their limits. Poor Daniel, he's got another Bond movie to make after this one.

Hopefully they're not trying to pull any of that mess with Monica Bellucci, who joined Craig for a little photo call in front of Roman ruins as they film in Italy. It's a fitting locale, what with Monica being the super sexy French/Italian hottie that she is. They look good together. I don't think we can keep talking about Monica as though she were immune from the arrow of time, but even if she is moving into her elderly years, the woman still looks amazing. Unlike some famous beauties from the past who's looks faded on them rather quickly once they reached a certain age, I suspect Monica will always be beautiful.


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