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Molly Quinn wears her jeans so tight, you'll never invade her castle

01.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Here's something I don't we've ever seen. Molly Quinn, who dresses so conservatively for red carpet premieres and the like that she gets teased as having the fashion sense of the Amish, out and about wearing a pair of skinny jeans that look as if she painted them on. Quinn was spotted out in Los Angeles doing a little shopping, wearing another simple outfit that somehow looks sinful on her, considering that we're getting a great view of those hips she seems so afraid to show off. Hell, I can't think of a time when the paps have gotten any good pictures of her and even with no make-up on, the girl looks radiant. I have a friend who calls skinny jeans "ass-slapping-pants" because, well, admit it. You totally want to smack that ass when you see them fit this well, right?
Source: Got Celeb


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