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Molly Quinn mixes her bright red with virginal white for Jones

06.22.2016by: Droz

Molly Quinn wasn't making it easy to fully appreciate the hottie potential she has most of the time as she attended the premiere of THE FREE STATE OF JONES. Looking more like someone who just came from Sunday worship than the typical red carpet "look at me" style, Molly was keeping what's above her pretty neck as the focus. Which is fine by me, as perhaps her best feature by my reckoning anyway is her pretty face and prettier hair. She is a sweetheart - the kind I'd probably find myself crushing on severely were I ever to meet her in person. That's just what the redheads do to me as a collective group. Still, as good as Molly's top 1/5th is, it's clear things are even better when the whole of her is pointed toward the same goal.

Source: NSFW


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