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Molly Quinn and her redheaded brilliance need a new gig

06.13.2016by: Droz

I can't honestly feel too much remorse for the cancellation of Molly Quinn's Castle show. To be perfectly honest, I'm probably a small part of the problem there, as I long ago stopped watching it. What can I say? You grow out of shows and concepts after awhile. When I reach the point where it's more interesting to browse the web when a show is on, rather than to actually sit and watch it, I know it's time to take that one off my DVR recording list. I've been doing this at an increasingly frequent rate lately as I grow more and more jaded with television as a whole. But anyway, now that Molly is out of a steady gig, we need to find her something new. Molly being such a self confessed nerd with a particular emphasis on the comic books, makes casting her as a character in some sort of comic adaptation somewheres a no-brainer. There are so many comics to choose from, both already adapted and available to be adapted. I'm sure there's at least one suitable character she could embody. Give her something folks, as a woman this amazing simply cannot be left to languish in obscurity.

Beautiful & Hot Molly Quinn Beautiful & Hot Molly Quinn Beautiful & Hot Molly Quinn
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