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Models Sarah Snyder & Chantel Jeffries brought the booty to Miami

03.27.2017by: Droz

If you know me, you know I'm all about the models who aren't afraid to rock the rounded ass. It's almost pointless to single them out as special anymore, as they all seem to be embracing the ethos that bigger is better when it comes to what they got out back. Take models Sarah Snyder and Chantel Jeffries here, who were doing the usual Miami beach bikini thing this weekend, along with most of the other models in existence today. I'll bet you if these two were doing this very thing 10 years ago, those asses would have been much more compact. That's a testament to just how greatly attitudes have changed in that time. The people have begun to embrace a philosophy of big asses first touted so many years ago by the legendary Sir-Mix-A-Lot. Yes, bigger, rounder asses are the new hotness. And if they're cool with throwing in some huge cleavage and camel toe like Chantel here, all the better.

Source: GotCeleb


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