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Model Tatyana Kotova heats up her big biscuits for Russian Maxim

04.28.2015by: Droz

How do you like your Russian hotties? They do come in so many wondrous varieties. The version Maxim Russia introduces us to in their latest issue is the blonde with big titties variety of hot Russian babes who goes by the name of Tatyana Kotova. I'm entirely down with her. Hot body, beautiful, and she knows her way around the kitchen. What more could you ask for? Is that a sexist thing if I like a woman who knows her way around a stove? I can't help it. I'm fully capable of cooking myself any number of meals as long as they come with directions on the box for how long to set the microwave. That makes it even more appealing to have Tatyana over and actually put my appliances to good use as she whips up something tasty. I even enjoy how messy she is with her cooking. That's one kitchen mess I'd love to clean up.

Source: Maxim


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