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Model Sofia Jamora has a butt made for bikini wearin'

03.21.2017by: Droz

I recently found a set of photos of model Sofia Jamora modelling bikinis for one of the millions of different companies who make bikinis. Unfortunately the place she was modelling for didn't seem to know much about how to put such an impressive body to good use. That's a problem many a bikini-maker has, which seems a little weird. If anyone should know best how to put a woman in a bikini, it's the people who make them. But nope, the real experts at making bikinis achieve their maximum effect are the women who wear them. And the place for seeing such women make bikinis work best, is social media. Thus the reason you don't see any pics of Sofia's boring bikini spread below. Instead, we got a nice little selection of Sofia making it plain why she's in demand for this sort of thing. 19 years old and gifted with that kind of ass? It don't get much hotter than that.

Sofia Jamora Booty ModelSofia Jamora Booty ModelSofia Jamora Booty ModelSofia Jamora Booty Model

Source: Instagram


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