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Model Shelly Scholten's hot bikini body will surely quench your thirst

04.30.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Those 138 Water photoshoots just won't quit, will they? I have to admit that at one point I did have a serious problem and would post these things like nobody's business. I tried to quit several times and I finally came to the point of acceptance that I'll probably end up posting one every once in a blue moon. How can I not? You have to hand it to them: they have the ability to find some extremely attractive women to pose for them and their probably overpriced high quality H2O. In this case, we have model Shelly Scholten who I haven't heard of before, but the way her body looks in a bikini, I'm inclined to take notice whenever she pops up. Now as far as that water goes, I should probably get me a bottle of that to enjoy. Perhaps all the ladies I've written about will come flocking to me and I can have the best water drinking experience of my life. A guy can dream. 

Source: The Superficial


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