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Model Selena Weber looks like a sexy angel in thong beachwear

01.19.2017by: Droz

I happened upon this little vixen who goes by the name Selena Weber last year, in very much the same circumstances as the pics of today's post - namely Selena having fun on Miami beaches in various thong style beachwear. I hate to sound dismissive, but models on beaches in bikinis are kind of dime a dozen. I literally see a dozen of them practically every day. So if I'm gonna post one of them, they really do have to stand out. Selena does just that, for me anyway, thanks to a number of quality aspects to her which makes it no big surprise she became a model. The body goodness stuff is all there, highlighted with a nice little ass which wears a thong well (I also dig the little birthmark on her right cheek). She seems to enjoy beachwear that rides up the ass, which is do doubt always a plus for folks in her racket. On top of all that is Selena's rather remarkable beauty. Something about those freckle-faced hotties puts them over the top for me, but Selena makes that even better by being truly beautiful. I'm pretty sure this girl has it all, or most of it anyway.

Source: Kayuty


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