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Model Selena Weber is pretty good at the bikini-wearing thing

11.23.2016by: Droz

I've been accused in the past of being way too much in the curvy girls' corner. While it is true that I have no compunction about showing the love to the ladies with a little more meat on their bones, I by no means limit myself to just those women. Take, for example, a recent find who goes by the name of Selena Weber. As far as I can tell, she one of many specialists in turning bikinis into spank fodder who does so in particularly good fashion. She's not what I would call full figured in the slightest. She strikes me as a more attractive Maria Sharapova, which is an impressive feat considering how hot Maria is. Supplement this with her southern belle heritage and some freckle face goodness and you got a package I could never do anything but drool over in excess. Girl is a winner.

Bikini Model Selena Weber Bikini Model Selena Weber Bikini Model Selena Weber Bikini Model Selena Weber

Source: Kayuty


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