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Model Selena Weber's bikini game is rock solid

02.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

For a somewhat obscure model, Selena Weber sure has been spotted frolicking around Miami Beach a lot lately. With a body built for bikinis, her leisurely activities couldn't have gone unnoticed for any lengthy period of time. At once a native South Carolinian, this blonde has since bid adieu to the tempered climate of the Palmetto State in favor of the scorching hot sands of Miami Beach – a home better suited to Selena Weber's particular set of skills. It's in this preferred hottie spot she can ply her trade year-round, living a life that doesn't require her to wear anything other than a thong. It's in a thong Selena Weber thrives, with the aid of that tiny piece of fabric, she provides the Internet and Miami Beach locals with endless visual access to her curves and crevices; curves which have the ability to impress despite Selena being more of a lean model. Among the cutthroat competition on Miami Beach all body types are welcome, as long as your bikini game is strong.

Source: Got Celeb


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