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Model Rachel Cook wears lingerie well, but wears nothing better

07.13.2016by: Droz

It's fairly common to uncover photosets of models in various states of dress in this job. If only we could post some of the more racy stuff we find out and about on the web. This site would be nothing but fully bared, perfect T&A 24/7. I'm not entirely sure what the point is of having a model standing around bare ass naked in an entire photo shoot for a clothing line or fashion designer or magazine. They're clearly not advertising clothing in those. It makes a little more sense when they do as Rachel Cook is doing in this spread for Gooseberry lingerie. The whole point of women's underwear is to make them look appealing in a set of panties or a bra. It's just too bad 99.9999% of the women out there will never wear their lingerie the way Rachel does. Even smaller numbers are capable of wearing nothing at all like Rachel. With some models I'm struck by how gorgeous they are - probably too gorgeous to be relegated to hocking underwear. I'm not sure we have a profession which could do Rachel's beauty justice anymore. You'd have to go back to ancient times to find a society prepared to worship her beauty in the manner it deserves.

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