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Model Marloes Horst plied her trade for Acacia Swimwear

10.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

For those of you who take their hottie-gawking seriously and enjoy the thought of a new, promising prospect, keep a watchful eye. In Marloes Horst we may find a young up-and-comer perfectly positioned to become the next big thing to be wrapped in a tight, little package. If this smorgasbord of sexiness isn't enough to light a fire under your ass, I don't know what is. We're talking 50 photographs of this super-hot Calvin Klein model, calling upon a wide variety of posturing techniques ripped right out of the bikini model playbook; all in tiny thongs, no less. I'll try not to waste your time with too many words – time you'll need in order to give every awesome image it's do attention – suffice it to say, the ambitious number of released imagery should be something many swimwear companies, not just Acacia, try to match. Let the days of a half a dozen pics be a practice of the past, at least when a fresh hottie like Marloes Horst is the subject. Sometimes more is better.

Source: Acacia Swimwear


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