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Model Madison Edwards adds her name to the list of bikini butt champions

05.03.2017by: Droz

There are more fine-assed women running around modelling bikinis than I can ever hope to remember. Their ranks seem to swell in sync with the roundness of their asses with each passing day. Another hottie to count amidst that growing throng of fine femininity is Madison Edwards, seen here having some fun on sandy beaches before taking a shower. I must admit that I didn't know Madison even existed until a few hours ago, but it's amazing how quickly one can get caught up on someone with just a mild amount of internet digging. For one thing, she's Australian, which doesn't surprise me in the least. Most of the world's fine women seem to source from there. Madison also has a rather enjoyable Instagram page. Also not a shock. Women of her build quality are pretty much required to make with the goods on there in ample amounts. Even so, Madison's social media offerings are still pretty good.

Model Madison EdwardsModel Madison EdwardsModel Madison Edwards

Source: GotCeleb


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