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Model Lauren Ashley plays a good bikini game too

02.08.2017by: Droz

By some strange fortune model Selena Weber has become the hit of winter 2017. I'm seeing her bikini pics all over the place. I can only imagine that with the rest of the US locked in a particularly harsh winter, much of the country finds itself eyeing warmer climates and barely dressed bodies with an aching longing. This could mean some positive things are in store for Selena, but also for her apparently hetero life mate, model Lauren Ashley, who is almost always right there with Selena in the midst of their mutual Miami beach frolicking. I'm actually starting to take a little more notice of Lauren as of late. Girl has a quality about her that's both exotic but also kind of girl next door. I appreciate the freckles quite a bit, not to mention her lean yet nicely curvaceous figure. She also shares that butt cheek birth mark thing with her BFF. These two make a nice pair. I can see why they like to spend so much time together.

Source: GotCeleb


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