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Model Jessica Gomes wears a bikini that's just a little too small for her

01.30.2017by: Droz

You can't really go wrong with a bikini either undersized or oversized on a body like the one SI Swimsuit hottie Jessica Gomes owns. If it's a too small bikini like this one, parts of the wearer will be pushing out all over in great ways. And if it's too big a bikini, it will be constantly falling off the wearer's sexy body. It's a win-win for everyone. Speaking of bikini-wearing, Jessica is one of those SI Swimsuit regulars who doesn't get enough credit. Usually it's all the big titty models who tend to get the attention every year when a new edition of that comes out. I guess that's understandable, but more love should be shown to hotties like Jessica who know a thing or two about how to wear outfits like this. It's real easy to push some cleavage out of a bikini top. Not many can master all elements of the bikini-wearing experience. There's not an inch of her that doesn't look amazing in this tight little black number.

Source: Superior Pics


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