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Model Hailey Clauson does her part to save the ocean by ditching her bra

07.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She's not the only model in the oceans but of those arriving to the New York Save the Oceans event held by Parley, Hailey Clauson certainly dominated the red carpet. The casual ponytail and bright smile were in balance with her show of leg and braless cleavage, calling to mind a shade of young Natasha Henstridge, if you ask me. Clauson has been featured in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue as well as ad campaigns for Dsquared2 and Gucci. You might have heard her name when back in 2011, at the age of only 15, she was featured on the catwalk for  Diane von Fürstenberg, DKNY, and Oscar de la Renta during the New York Fashion Week, despite the fact that the supposed mandated age minimum being 16. Her parents also started a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters and two other retailers when the companies used unauthorized images of Hailey in risque poses. I won't comment on the parents' lack of judgment allowing their teen daughter to even be a model in the first place if they're the litigious sort but then again, Clauson does hail from Thousand Oaks, California (the same locale as Amanda Bynes) and since I'm a stone's throw from that area, I can tell you that that's just what people from that area are like.  
Source: Saw First


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