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Model Galina Dubenenko brings the Friday perfect butt

05.12.2017by: Droz

My intrepid butt sleuthing around Instagram has uncovered another jewel of an ass belonging to Russian model Galina Dubenenko. I speak of her like no one ever heard of her before, but in truth most of these Instagram hotties we post already have millions of followers. This is how connections are made between sites like this one and those models looking to disseminate their asses to the masses. That said, I have to give a special distinction to Galina here for having one of the most insane bodies I've seen. Her proportions are so good they're almost unnatural. I can't say for certain if this ass is fake or what. I hate to jump to any conclusions there, as I think a lot of people make those kinds of assumptions far too quickly. It could just as easily be an amazing body crafted of hard work and nature's bounty.

Whatever the story is with Galina, she certainly has made my week with dat ass of hers. It's truly a thing of beauty.

Galina Dubenenko Instagram booty

Source: Instagram


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