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Model Devon Windsor wears bikinis well

03.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

For minute, it looked as though Devon Windsor was destined to be recruited by Victoria's Secret; thusly, dubbed an Angel. The lanky blonde participated in the lingerie company's famous fashion show for the past four years in a row, even sporting a pair of wings during one of her appearances. However, in an extremely counterintuitive manner, her widely televised catwalks haven't exactly translated into a ubiquitous career. A blonde of her beauty – and who already has one foot in the door – should have photographers banging down her door, yet, photo spreads remain sparse. Until the day Devon Windsor fever inevitably catches on, we have sightings of the incredibly hot lingerie model out in the wild to lean on. If anything, her latest Miami Beach excursion should get the attention of some bikini designer like Beach Bunny Swimwear; anyone with the gift of sight could spot this babe's ability to sell a two-piece from a mile away. I'm surprised 138 Water hasn't already enlisted her services. Someone needs to give this girl's career a 50cc booster shot. We need some more Devon Windsor, ASAP!

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