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Model Carmella Rose brings a friend for some sexy bikini beach fun

07.18.2016by: Droz

Carmella Rose, who is probably my favorite new model phenomenon right now, had a friend along with her in the form of fellow model Kyra Santoro for some ocean wading the other day. Fortunately the two and their camera crew were wise enough to keep Carmella's sweeter than sweet ass from going too far beneath the ripples. It's always wise to make sure an ass like hers is visible at all times. What a perfectly formed vision of sexy Carmella is. I can't ever get enough of her, which makes it fortunate she can't ever take enough clothes off. Girl bares all as often they'll let her. In fact, I think she gets a little disappointed if her gigs don't let her take it all off, which is a trait I find admirable. Compare her demeanor in the gallery below, where she's clothed the whole time, to this pic of her topless. See what I mean? Girl loves being naked. And we love her when she's loving being naked.

Carmella Rose Spread

Source: Hawt Celebs


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