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Model Bryana Holly does her best work in the bedroom

06.23.2016by: Droz

That sounds more derogatory than it was supposed to, but as I see it Bryana Holly really does seem to do her best work when laid out on a bed in something povocative, as she is for this line of Lauren Engel lingerie. You may have seen our many posts of this particularly alluring hottie doing her thing in recent years. If not, look them up because she really is one of the better hotties working in the mid-tier modelling ranks today, specifically because of sex charged, barely dressed spreads like this one. I'm not sure how it works with models and their gigs. Do they do one sexy lingerie spread and suddenly find themselves bombarded with offers for that kind of modelling? Or do they select their gigs based on personal preference and the kind of modelling they'd rather do? I kinda hope it's the second one with Bryana, because that means she prefers getting naked or just close to naked all the time. And that's my kind of model.

Source: Superior Pics


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