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Model Aisha Thalia's proportions are too good to be true

09.02.2015by: Droz

One of the ways I've begun to pass the time while attempting to deal with persistent insomnia is to scour around Instagram, looking at their bevy of eye candy on display. That really is the place to go for women looking to conquer the world one sexy selfie at a time. The other night as I was hopscotching around on there I eventually came across Aisha Thalia here and couldn't believe my eyes. How does a body like that come into being? I thought proportions like those only existed in comic books and video games. Yet there she is, practically spilling out of a bikini with a hip to waist ratio that would probably defy any attempt at measuring it. Girl rewrites the book on curviness. Needless to say, I've been spending way too much time going through her extensive gallery the last few days, which was a challenge due to an excess of vegan lifestyle crap. She's pushing my buttons with that thigh cleavage, which is demonstrated in the last pic below. That's my new thing. Girl has handlebars for hips. I'd surely love to get a grip on those babies.

Source: Instagram


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