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MK Wants Immunity

08.04.2008by: Cherry Liquor

The drama surrounding Heath Ledger's death isn't as muted as we all thought it would be. After THE DARK KNIGHT broke a bazillion records at the box office and everyone went bat shit crazy about him receiving a posthumous Oscar for his turn as The Joker (for the record, I'm not knocking it at all, I thought he was phenomenal, but girlfriend... please... you know?), it seems like those involved with the movie have been, to be cliche, cursed. From people questioning the solidity of Maggie Gyllenhaal's relationship with Peter Sarsgaard to Christian Bale getting arrested for yelling at his mother (who deserved it for questioning his marriage and demanding $200K from him) to this weekend's car accident involving 71-year old Morgan Freeman (who is listed in serious condition and is suffering from a broken arm and shoulder), all is not right in the Bat World.

Carrying on to the situation with Heath. His dead body was discovered by a masseuse who happened to be a close friend of Mary Kate Olsen. Reports indicated that instead of calling 911 first, the masseuse phoned Mary Kate a few times to let her know of the situation. The Feds are now trying to question MK to see if she knows anything about the drugs Oxycodone and Vicodin, both popular and oft-times abused painkillers. Apparently those were the only drugs in Heath's system that he DIDN'T have a prescription for.

Everyone involved in the events surrounding his death has made statements to the authorities and the coroner's report of his death being accidental is still standing, but Olsen is the only hold out. She's refusing to cooperate unless she's granted immunity. Which can only spell disaster. Seems we'll be tuning into this Bat Channel for quite some time.

Source: People Magazine


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