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Miss Alba would like to see you in her office, immediately

08.20.2015by: Droz

Oh yeah, I've gotten called into the boss's office more than once in my time. That always comes with a little tinge of anxiety, no matter the circumstances. What the hell do they want with me? Am I about to get canned? Or worse, chewed out and humiliated in front of all my co-workers? Those are valid concerns. Curious how that situation might be were the boss Jessica Alba, seen here doing the boss thing for the newest Allure magazine. I'm going to assume that being one of the heads of a multi-billion dollar company would require her to be in environs like these at some point during her day. I wonder, has she had to fire anyone with her tits kind of hanging out of her unbuttoned top? What a novel way of softening the blow. Sure, you got handed your walking papers, but it was sexy Jessica who handed them over. I could find some consolation in that. Of course, the real tough part wouldn't be getting fired by Jessica. Rather, it would be having to take a meeting with her and trying to pay attention to what she's saying while she paces around the office in thought, her perfect ass stuffed into some tight skirt and her tits almost perceptible under a sheer top. That's one wasted strategy session.

Source: Allure


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