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Mirren's Rape Take

09.02.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Now that we've gotten Sam Jackson's opinion on titties out of the way, let's discuss rape with Helen Mirren. (Hey, don't look at me that way, I'm in a devil-may-care mood kind of day. I keep making typos and quoting people with the right click and copy is feeling my funky vibe.) But let's be specific on the kind of rape we're talking about, the more generalized "date" rape.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Mirren talks about having endured a couple of date rape scenarios when she was younger. If a woman voluntarily ends up in a manís bedroom, takes all her clothes off and engages in sexual activity in bed with him she has the right to say 'no' at the last second," Helen says. She continues, "If the man ignored her it was rape."

But that's not the interesting part. It's when she goes on to say, "ďI donít think she can have that man into court under those circumstances. I guess it is one of the many subtle parts of the men/women relationship that has to be negotiated and worked out between them." But probably the most f*cked up part about all of this? Is that I agree with her. No means no and rape is rape, but going to court and letting everyone hear your story? Unnecessary. Go ahead and scream back at me now if you'd like.

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